About Me

Welcome. My name is Joe Grimando. I was born in New York City and raised in Forest Hills, New York. I left New York permanently just after September 11, 2001 having watched the Towers fall to the ground. 
In 2002 I got married (in Albuquerque and actually had a golf wedding at Arroyo del Oso Golf Club while living on the East Coast in Connecticut) and moved to the Midwest for almost 10 years while raising 2 boys as a full time stay at home dad.  In 2007 I ventured out to Yellowstone National Park with my wife and young son.  When my son was born I did nothing but take pictures of him day after day after day.  A short time later my second son was born.  I was using a point and shoot camera.  Realizing I was missing so many memorable events as a result of a slow camera, my wife surprised me with a new Canon DSLR camera for my birthday.  I was hooked with the first push of the shutter.  I was no longer missing those special moments. Over the next few years I honed my skills while providing photography lessons to large groups of students of photography of all skill levels,  all while creating an at home photography studio in Avon, Ohio where we would live for almost 10 years.  My interest in photography at that time was to  photograph newborns.  As time passed I would learn photographing newborns was not my niche.  I began shooting  portraits of High School seniors which I enjoyed and, as a result, I was contacted and booked my very first wedding.  It was a huge success for me personally.  The reviews that were left for me by the bride and groom opened up a door for me to new adventures.  

 I then started photographing Little Leaguers for a few years and realized,  sports photography is where I would love to be.  While in Avon, Ohio I would often go downtown to Cleveland, Ohio and photograph Architectural scenes. So much beauty in downtown Cleveland.  I will also be including my Black and White photos of the Cleveland, Ohio area as well as vacation spots my family has visited throughout the years to my site.  

We moved to Rio Rancho, NM in 2013 and are settled in. 
I love the landscapes, culture, photo opportunities of any kind, but mostly I love shooting sports photography. I have two boys in the RRPS system both of whom go to Cleveland High School and both participate in sports. 
I am presently representing the Rio Rancho Observer as a Photographer for all High School Sports in the State of New Mexico. My credentials allow me to to attend any and all High School Sports for NMAA, calendar year 2022-2023
While this website mainly focuses on Cleveland High School athletes I will on occasion (to be fair) post photos of other High School athletes as they too deserve the recognition.
If you are interested in purchasing any of my photos that may include your child, relative or just a friend,  please contact me thru my Contact Page. 
 I'm told that nothing worth doing is easy.  Like every one of us, I’ve had my bumps in the road. But if you ask me, I’ll always tell you that I wouldn’t change a thing. Why? Because throughout my journey I’ve honed my skills and proven that my services have gotten  results in the real world. So today, feel comfortable that you can benefit from my years of experience.
That's a little about me, Joe Grimando